Residential design trend: Transitional rustic farmhouse kitchens

Transitional rustic farmhouse kitchens are emerging as a new trend in residential design. Reclaimed and handmade furniture, vintage-looking plumbing hardware, industrial light fixtures and transitional style cabinets have always been popular; however, when combined a new genre of design, they create the transitional rustic farmhouse style.

Reclaimed furniture or distressed furniture pieces can add character and charm to your home. They also serve as a great conversation starter. Recently, upon meeting a client at his home, one of the first things I noticed was a reclaimed green table with metal chairs. The home was transitional in style, so this distressed piece caught my attention right away. Not to my surprise, the client told me this piece strikes conversation with almost everyone who walks in his home. My job at this point was to help the client incorporate more of these unique rustic pieces that would create a sort of distressed beauty in his kitchen while still keeping that clean-lined transitional type of feel.

Reclaimed Dining Table Source: Urban Wood Goods

Reclaimed Dining Table
Source: Urban Wood Goods

Choosing cabinetry can often be an overwhelming process because there are so many styles and finishes, but it can also be fun because you have endless opportunities to be creative. With this new rustic transitional type of design, it all just depends on which route you want to take. If you want to showcase your accessories, then choose white transitional cabinetry to act as a backdrop to your rustic table, light fixtures, etc. However if accessories aren’t your thing, and you want your cabinetry to be your focal point, then choose a transitional style cabinet and add a color to it, or a distressed finish. Both color and distressing will add detail and bring attention away from everything else in the room and bring the focus toward your cabinetry. No matter which route you choose to go, the cabinetry should include open cupboards where dishes can neatly be on display; you should also include small details that give the appearance of the cabinetry being furniture. These furniture looking pieces add a sort of vintage, feel to the kitchen.

Having that same rustic appeal, it’s no surprise to us that the industrial light fixture is trendier than ever. Architectural Digest named industrial lighting one of the top trends at their Home Design Show for 2012. To get that sort of industrial feel, look for light fixtures that have dark rustic finishes and exposed bulbs as well as stainless steel pendants that resemble those you would see hanging in a barn. Lightology is a great resource for finding these rustic-looking pieces. Katie Possley of Lightology personally recommends a company called Arterier’s Home because they have a great selection of unique rustic pieces.

Farmhouse plumbing hardware as well as farmhouse sinks, those that are popular in vintage or rural homes, are among the trendiest in kitchen design. Dark plumbing fixtures that have that sort of handcrafted look are more popular than ever, the specific finish being oil rub bronze. However, if you are not a fan of dark fixtures, these vintage-looking fixtures come in myriad colors, including the ever-so-popular polished nickel. In regards to sinks, farmhouse sinks, also known as apron sinks, are being used to add that farmhouse feel to a kitchen. Not only are these sinks great looking, but they are extremely functional. They are wide and deep and great for washing pans and pots.

As far as colors, according to Denise Mueller from Materials Marketing in Hinsdale, gray is trending.

“I am seeing more gray tones, both warm grays and cooler grays, at the forefront of color pallets.  We have just introduced a new line of stone veneer with several gray colors that have received such a great response that we are working on a flatwork line to coincide with the chopped stone veneer,” she says. “We are also incorporating a new porcelain line that expands on the gray color pallet, beyond our stone offering. This porcelain line offers textures such as linen, antique wood and oxidized metal, all available with various gray color pallets.”

The beauty of Materials Marketing’s products are that that they include this new trending gray color palette with an antique aged appearance, which works perfect in this transitional rustic farmhouse style.

Overall, when designing a rustic farmhouse kitchen, you should start off with your cabinetry and decide if it will act as a backdrop or be the center of attention and go from there. Have fun when choosing accessories and make sure to enjoy the design process!

Barn Style Pendants Source: Restoration Hardware

Barn Style Pendants
Source: Restoration Hardware


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