Luxury homes, built to last

Building your custom dream home—or remodeling your existing one—represents a huge investment in careful thought, time and money. At The DiCosola Group, the saying “they don’t build them like they used to” doesn’t apply. In fact, we take great pride in the type of old-world craftsmanship involved in building homes the right way. Having worked with high-end clients from celebrities to CEOs—on homes from 3,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet—everything we build is built to last.

Best of all, each new-construction home receives our 18-Month Peace-of-Mind Guarantee, the longest such guarantee you’ll find with any Chicago homebuilder.


    Building your dream home from the ground up may seem like a big undertaking. But with help from the expert team at The DiCosola Group, the experience is exciting, inspiring and endlessly rewarding. We'll bring your vision to life, while minimizing the stress and challenges sometimes associated new home construction. Best of all, our value-engineering approach allows us to bring style and luxury to every project—regardless of the budget or time frame.


    Remodeling or renovating is a popular way to refresh your living environment without having to build a new home. Whether you want to remodel your kitchen and bathrooms, add an extra guest room to your house or renovate your unused basement, remodeling adds value and life to your home.

    When you choose The DiCosola Group for home remodeling, you’ll get same attention to quality and detail that we put into our custom homes—with accurate estimates, personal service and communication, and superior craftsmanship.

    Most importantly, our team recognizes the challenges that can come with home renovations—and works tirelessly to minimize any disturbance to you and your family.

    We set tight schedules and stick to them, keeping you aware of our progress on a day-by-day basis. And because our cell phones are always on, we’re ready to answer any question and resolve any issue anytime, from anywhere. This dedicated approach and unsurpassed experience helps make what might have otherwise been a stressful project easy and bearable.